โปรเจกต์สุดพิเศษที่ Gadhouse ได้มีโอกาสร่วมงานกับศิลปิน และแบรนด์ต่าง ๆ ทั่วโลก

A special collaboration project between Gadhouse and artists or brands worldwide.



Gadhouse and Polycat band are teamed up to create an exclusive collection that celebrates the beauty of 80s aesthetics. This colourful Brad Retro turntable comes in classic 80s vibe with modern fit that’ll complete your City Pop dream

Brad Retro x Polycat Limited Edition turntable is inspired by movies and home décor in the 80s, when fashion was booming and full of vivid colors. With this special illustrated edition cover of ’80 Kisses’ with Na Polycat autograph, limited to only 150 sets.

Price: 7,490.-


CARNIVAL® x Gadhouse Collection

CARNIVAL® Spring/Summer 2021 “Last Summer” in corporation with GADHOUSE presents “Brad Black and Black Vinyl Storage Crate”


Carnival Vinyl Brad Black Edition

Brad Black Edition, a vintage portable record player that is capable of every sizes of vinyl record (7”, 10” and 12”) and 3 degree of speed (33⅓, 45 และ 78 RPM) with built-in Stereo Dynamic full range speakers including Wireless Streaming support that allows you to enjoy listening to music in a more exciting way via a Bluetooth speaker or headset.

Price: 7,890.-


Carnival Vinyl Storage Black Edition

A black vinyl storage crate that can fill up to 45 vinyl records. It is made of high-quality Poplar Plywood. This accessory is easy to assemble and take off, making you move it from place to place so convenient.

Price: 1,790.-


HONNE x Gadhouse

A special project collaboration between Gadhouse and the world-renowned artist, HONNE.

About HONNE x Gadhouse Brad Retro Record Player Exclusive Set (Limited Edition)
This is a project that Gadhouse and HONNE have been working on together for over a year. Both have been designing and creating a concept to convey the character of HONNE under the concept of their newest album “Let’s just say the world ended a week from now. What would you do?” on the Brad Retro Record Player.

Brad Retro Record Player is the most popular record player that would fulfill this project because the multi-space of Brad allows HONNE to put their desired colors and patterns. Another principal factor is the 2-in-1 function that’s suitable for both those who like retro-style vinyl and wireless connection of Bluetooth 5.0. The speakers are also built-in so that HONNE’s music lovers can enjoy their music wherever they want. Apart from the HONNE x Gadhouse Brad Retro Record Player (Limited edition), this exclusive set also includes Limited Edition Crystal Clear Vinyl 12” with transparent jacket and Exclusive ‘What would you do?’ Rubber Mat.

Price: 9,790.-

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